"Discovered" at the San Diego ComiCon, Thomas, a down and out African American graffiti artist who tags his work "T.J." and only draws dogs, is grabbed and hired on the spot by CD Comics & Games. He is also paid to relocate to New York City to create comic book superheroes and stories for the "COMIC COMMANDOS" comic book, movie, TV shows and video games.
Looking forward to this new opportunity, Thomas arrives in NYC at the company offices and quickly learns that he will be very well paid even if he does no work at all. He doesn't even have to come to work since the company doesn't really want him to do anything, it just wants to use his famous name, Thomas Jefferson. But when Thomas sees the beautiful single women working in the office and when Jazmin, the attractive Latina receptionist smiles and talks with him, Thomas fights to come in every day and work for his pay.
Jazmin loves salsa but Thomas dismisses her passion and confides that he's not a dancer and has no time to learn. He's a
graffiti artist, and since drawing people isn't his best strength, it's no easy job for him to create and draw a team of new super heroes.

Living in a strange city with even stranger neighbors and under strict deadlines and enormous pressure, Thomas has trouble sleeping. With so much violence and so many problems in the world today, he cannot reconcile the fact that the company has asked him to create characters that are violent video game vigilantes. He dreams and reality and fantasy blur as he is visited by three spirits who seek to guide him.
Confiding in Jazmin, he explains how he designed and modeled his new characters as "spirits" after the three strange neighbors living next to him in his apartment building. The neighbors are invalids but nevertheless, Thomas assures her that they possess enormous supernatural powers and they are the most powerful beings on the face of the earth. And, they have come to his apartment building to help him save the planet and to make the world a better place by assisting mankind to avoid violence.
Jazmin thinks the world of this bright, handsome cartoonist and she genuinely encourages him-but some things just don't seem right. She talks with Thomas, visits his apartment and
sees his playful dog but she realizes that his three neighbors do not exist. Sensing that something is terribly wrong, she tries her best to help.
Dismissed from his job because his characters are the exact opposite of what he was hired to create, Thomas witnesses his Komix Kommandoz come alive in the comics. But they are not the non-violent helpful "spirits" he conceived-they are ruthless vigilantes out for revenge and they will destroy everything that gets in their path.

In an ironic twist of fate, the comic characters become a smash hit and this dark romantic comedy has a delightful and laughable ending as Jazmin and Thomas magnificently salsa dance through the finale. But one question lingers, "What is real and what is not?"

Based on the illustrated book by Stanley Lozowski:

© 2008, Stanley N. Lozowski and Lylofilm Productions. All Rights Reserved.


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"Promised an apartment and paid to relocate to New York, an African American graffiti artist hired to create comic book superheroes and stories discovers that he will also be paid very well each week if he just stays home and does no work at all. Thomas decides he wants to work for the money he is being paid but he cannot accept the type of characters the company wants him to portray. With so much violence and so many problems in the world today, three spirits seek to guide him, but their vision also conflicts with the vision of the company."

Based on the novel THOMAS JEFFERSON'S COMIC COMMANDOS, this dark romantic comedy is inspired and somewhat based on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" except it's not Christmas. Three spirits attempt to guide an African American graffiti artist (named after a President) who sees that there is too much violence in the world and realizes it could be on the eve of destruction.


Production Info


- Instant name recognition in the title.

- Created and designed as a low-budget film project with ALL the ingredients that will make a blockbuster film.

- Digital animation provides the MAGIC that will make a fantastic high-production-value trailer and encourage extremely large audiences.

- African American male lead; Spanish/Latina female lead; South Asian (India) co-star. Total cast of a dozen plus with other minority co-stars should give this film appeal to US and foreign audiences as well. The cast includes seven gorgeous women from seven different countries.

- Dance, salsa and hip-hop tie-in possibilities

- The film capitalizes on the fact that movies with comic book superheroes, video game tie-ins and licensing and merchandising possibilities bring in the large paying audiences and very likely will continue to be extremely hot during the coming years.

- 95% of the film is shot anywhere indoors in an apartment building and offices; twelve-fourteen days.

- Outdoor location shooting two days in New York City and/or animated sequences.

- One day shooting green screen and/or one day shooting in each city Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. and/or green screen.

- AND/OR stock shot sequences or animation in many different countries will give the film high production value and scope but can be accomplished digitally on a low-budget.

- The comedy addresses contemporary world problems and it's aimed at the younger and largest segment of the movie-going population.

- No religious, political viewpoints, offensive material, foul language, or bathroom humor.

- The strength of the film lies in the characters that will serve as role models and appeal to teens, young adults, families, older audiences and international foreign audiences.




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